Health & comfort for your business with air filters
by Pinewood Electronics

COVID-19 has once again emphasized that the air climate in your company is of great importance. Not only do your employees perform better in purified air, you also prevent the spread of viruses in the workplace. Natural ventilation is unfortunately not it possible all year round, anywhere, and most air conditioning systems are not sufficient.

Pinewood Electronics helps your company achieve a healthy working climate with the filter systems from PureSys. Suitable for any space and application, and cheaper than you think!

Invest now in a healthy working environment for your staff, customers and visitors

Important message to the 'Captains of Industry'!

Several economic and financial experts are unanimous that no branch of the industry could survive a second and certainly not a third lockdown. It is now clear that another virus wave can only be avoided with strict hygiene measures for all people, your family and friends who must submit to these rules for the protection of all. Puresys can solve this problem by purifying the air in your home or other environments of all harmful substances including the COVID-19 and influenza virus, as well as all other harmful substances.


PureSys All-in-One Mobile

PureSys All-in-One model 20

PureSys All-in-One model 30

Health Attendant model HA-1


The Health Effect Institute's State of Globair Air 2018 report shows that 90% of the world's population breathes poor quality air. This leads to disorders of the airways and lungs, cancer, asthma, but also, for example, headaches and concentration disorders.

Current regulations require offices, schools, hospitals and other public buildings to have HEPA-level air filters. These filters remove all dirt and dust particles from the air, but leave bacteria, viruses, harmful gases, ozone and fungi untouched. In fact, these can be further distributed via the air conditioning pipes or the air grille.

PureSys filters not only remove dirt, pollen and fine dust from the air, but also disinfect them. This means that bacteria, viruses and gases have no chance.

What does the science tell us?


Most of the people infected with COVID-19 or another virus have little or no complaints. Unseen, they pass the virus on to others, and a source of infection can develop.


Microdroplets in the air, especially in closed spaces, linger for a long time and contain virus particles that can be inhaled by others.


Scientists recommend a combination of air purification through filters and UV lamps for effective virus killing. The Puresys system combines both techniques.


Together with VoiceGear we developed a unique innovation: the Health Attendant.

This collaboration goes one step further than purifying the air in your washroom, office, classroom, shop, etc.

A professional, high-quality voice informs your staff, customer or visitor about the necessary hygiene measures and puts them at ease. Possibly with soothing background music, or a playful message to break the tension.

Click on the logo below to read more on the VoiceGear site:


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