- because your life matters -


In these difficult times, we are committed to offering you two high-quality
products, Puresys and Huma, which have proven themselves that the air
you breathe every day will be completely purified of all malicious substances
and unpleasant odors, but also of all viruses that pose a serious threat to
your health and our economy. Your life and that of your family, friends and

colleagues are worth more than your investment,

because your health is priceless.

Where is PureSys the solution?

The air we breathe has been dangerously contaminated for decades. Whether it's exhaust gasses, 

ultra-fine dust, ozone, asbestos dust, or circulating viruses such as COVID-19. All serious lung diseases are caused by this widespread bad air quality. At the same time, it hasn't been proven that the masks we wear outside really protect us from all the infections that inhibit the proper functioning of our bodies. It's safer to protect ourselves with scientifically proven methods. The PURESYS "ALL-IN-ONE" is a patented air purification and sterilization system that complies with all current requirements and has many other benefits regarding air purification in enclosed spaces.

Below are some examples:

Business / industry

- Individual offices equal to or smaller than 16m²
- Office spaces with LASER printers or copiers that produce ozone
- Lavatories with individual closed toilets
- Meeting rooms for up to 12 people
- Office space with limited ventilation
- Elevators that serve more than 5 floors

Universities, libraries

- Individual officies
- Spaces up to 16m2 can be ventilated using the PURESYS system
- Classrooms with insufficient ventilation
- Auditoriums of limited size

Bars, restaurants, hotels

Restaurants and their toilets
- Bars, especially during colder months when ventilation is not possible
- Hotel rooms, small meeting rooms, toilets and canteens

Doctor's offices, dental clinics, private clinics, hospitals

- Waiting rooms for patients

- Treatment areas

- Laboratories

- Operating theaters


- (Tour)Bus, tram of train with or without toilets

Trucks or small company vans for transport of staff

Museums, supermarkets

- Office space, exposition rooms, toilets and canteens

Retirement homes

- Communal toilets

- Dining areas

- Relaxation areas


- High risk zones!

- With PURESYS less chance of an outbreak

Big/tall buildings

- Every building with elevators shared by many floors and users


PURESYS is a patented air filtration system that does not only improve the air quality significantly, but also removes micro droplets with COVID-19 from the air and destroys them. This is not a luxury item or an accessory, but a permanent and actual improvement of the air people breathe in at their place of work. 

All appliances in the PURESYS line are equipped with a triple filter system that can even remove the smallest contamination from the air. The air is then treated during an 11-step process, killing all bacteria and viruses in a chain reaction of electro- and chemical catalysis. Chemical gasses en smells are broken down with nanocatalysts and UV-light, and ozone with a special catalyst.

The AIR MAGIC technology by PURESYS guarantees an air quality few other filters on the market can achieve, Most other air filters only removes dust particles, but don't deal with bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemical gasses and ozone produced by many sources and appliances.

The PURESYS filtration system removes all of the above from the air, in such a way that they can be used in laboratories, hospitals, operating rooms, and so on. Clean and fresh air for a healthy home, a stimulating school environment or a productive work place.

The PURESYS system: 3 layers of pure filtered air

1. The Mesh filter: Washable Polyurethane foam filter for larger soft particles, animal hair, pollen and odors

2. The Carbon filter for smells and smoke

3. The Hepafilter for dust particles (fine dust) up to 0.3µ, fungi and volatile organic compounds (washable)

4. The titanium dioxide (TiO2) catalytic converter with antibacterial action that stops unpleasant gases and allergens

5. Sterilization unit based on U.V.

6. Second sterilization stage based on Ultra Violet light for the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms

7. Third sterilization stage
8. Manganese oxide (MnO2) catalyst. This ensures the dissolution of possible presence of Replace ozone,

carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide, ethylene oxide gas into oxygen

9. Anti-bacterial filter, specifically aimed at blocking the remaining micro-organisms

10. Anion generator, generates negative ions to further purify the space

11. Possibility to apply aromatherapy according to personal preference