HUMA i-150



Wherever you are, at home, in the car, on the street, in a shop, on a bus, train or tram, the air you breathe is often subpar.

There are many gaseous impurities that can pose a great risk in your environment, just think of exhaust gases with a massive amount of particulate matter; but also industry and factories that emit heavy metals or chemical gases.

So people often look for a park with many trees that produce oxygen and lower the Co² level. Certainly a positive decision but all Volatile Organic Compounds are distributed everywhere and are invisible to humans.

But Co² can even be life-threatening in certain circumstances, just think of a gas hot water geyser with a defect or insufficient air outlet! Just measure it and be reassured
Think of the baby's room or student in his study, or maybe also the sauna where you can check the temperature and humidity with the HUMA i-150.

The HUMA i-150 fits perfectly in a handbag or pocket weighs a few grams and fits in the palm of your hand and can show you the quality of the air wherever you are so you don't have to worry unnecessarily. Stay safe wherever you are!