standing or wall mounting



The PureSys All-In-One 20 can be mounted on a wall or used standing.


The device is average in weight, has convenient dimensions and is easy to install. Suitable for floor areas up to approximately 66m2, such as medium-sized offices, buses, retail spaces, etc

If you are interested in the PureSys All-In-One 20, request a quote now without obligation and free of charge. Be sure to state the number of rooms and their surface.

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  • Dimensions: 60,00 x 63,00 x 15,50cm (wall)
    60,00 x 70,50 x 22,00cm (standing)

  • Weight: 23kg

  • Packing (dimensions): 69,00 x 78,00 x 28,00cm

  • Connection: 110-220V

  • Usage: 65W/h

  • Capacity: ± 300m³/h

  • Maximum floor space: ± 66m²