ceiling or wall mounting



The PureSys All-In-One 30 can be mounted in ceilings or on walls.


The device is lightweight, unobtrusive after mounting and easy to install. Suitable for floor areas up to approximately 66m2, such as medium-sized offices, large toilets, buses, etc.

If you are interested in the PureSys All-In-One 30, request a quote now without obligation and free of charge. Be sure to state the number of rooms and their surface.

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  • Dimensions: 34,00 x 121,00 x 16,50 cm

  • Weight: 20kg

  • Packing (dimensions): 40,00 x 123,00 x 23,00 cm

  • Connection: 110-220V

  • Usage: 65W/h

  • Capacity: ± 300m³/h

  • Maximum floor spac: ± 66m²