Puresys products come with a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase (invoice). This warranty only covers electrical and mechanical defects. Damage as a result of improper use and cases of force majeure are not included.

During the guarantee period you enjoy free maintenance of the air filters. Afterwards you can use the paying repair service. Spare parts for all devices will be available from stock for a period of 5 years. A device that shows a defect within 7 days of purchase will be replaced immediately. Defects within the warranty period will be repaired free of charge.

Prior to returning the unit to the technical service, please contact us to obtain an RMA number. The RMA number must be clearly stated on the packaging of the return shipment; otherwise it could be refused and returned on the account of the customer. Shipping and repacking costs are the responsibility of the owner. In the event of a warranty repair, the repaired appliance will be

returned to the owner free of charge.

In some cases listed hereunder, you also will need to use the paid

repair service during the warranty:

  • When returned parts prove not to be defective. To avoid this, read the user manual carefully before contacting the repair service.

  • Puresys declines all responsibility if the damage is caused by:

    - misuse, incorrect repair or assembly
    - repairs by unauthorized personnel
    - inappropriate power supply (e.g. 110VAC instead of 220-230VAC or higher than 12VDC when in mobile use )
    - shock or damage from dropping the device
    - parts that were not supplied or recognized by Puresys

  • When the defect is caused by an act of God (fire, flood, etc.)